SEO And PPC: A Match Made In Heaven?

Posted 07.05.2021

By Annabel Thomas

SEO and PPC are some of the most important methods when it comes to digital marketing. They are much more interlinked than you might think and the two can be used in tandem to achieve great results. If you think about the search engine results page (SERPs), you will see both PPC and SEO listings. In fact, 55% of internet users are unable to tell when they are clicking on an ad or an organic listing on the search results page. 

Search engine results page

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimisation), is the process of optimising your website and online content to increase your visibility on search engines. This could take the form of building high quality backlinks, optimising content around specific keywords or internal linking. 

What is PPC?

PPC (pay per click), is a type of digital marketing that puts you in front of your target audience. The best part about PPC is that, as the name suggests, you only have to pay for your ad based on the number of audience interactions it receives, typically measured through clicks. 

How do SEO and PPC work together?

Maximise your SERP Coverage

When you run a PPC advertising campaign, you will likely appear at the top of the search engine results page (or at least in the top 3), meaning that you’ll often be one of the first results a user will see. When coupled with SEO efforts, your business can gain great visibility on the SERPs. If a user ignores the ad section and scrolls to the organic rankings then they will see your website. This technique allows you to gain double exposure to potential customers. 


Keywords are vital to the performance of both PPC and SEO campaigns. You can gain insightful data on keywords from both your PPC and SEO campaigns that will complement the other. For example, by looking through your Google Ads account you can discover the highest converting PPC keywords. Looking through the trends and patterns in your PPC account means you are able to roll out the highest performing keywords across your website. You can easily incorporate the keywords in content pieces and website copy to increase your rankings. Equally, you can find your lowest performing keywords and make adjustments to your website accordingly.   


Let’s say, thanks to your SEO efforts your website is ranking highly and drawing strong website traffic. However, you find that your visitors take a while to convert, so whilst your traffic levels are high your conversion rate is low. You can combine your strong SEO efforts with a remarketing campaign. This helps to draw visitors back to your site to complete their purchase once they are further down the marketing funnel. By combining SEO and PPC in this way you can build a strong strategy for increasing conversions. 

Link Building

Google’s display network gives you a large opportunity to reach new websites that you can also then do some link building with. When you have created a Display Network PPC campaign, you can look into the placements option on Google Ads. The websites in there are ones you can use to outreach content to and gain good quality backlinks to your website. 

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