6 of the best April Fools jokes we’ve seen on Twitter!

Posted 01.04.2022

By Bethany

Is it just me being grumpy or as you get older does April Fools just get more and more… samey? You log onto Facebook, there’s 15 people getting “engaged”, 20 people “selling” beloved pets and it’s all just a bit tedious.. Which is why if brands are going to be joining in on the April Fools day fun, they need to bring their A game, and it’s getting harder and harder each year to be original. 

So, this morning with a great amount of trepidation I opened up Twitter to see what was in store. Without further waffle, let’s get down to some of the best April Fools posts that I found.

Walkers Crisps

Crisp sandwiches are an absolute British classic, loved by everyone. Just like this tweet.


I am personally a huge fan of Aldi’s marketing, do you remember the #FreeCuthbert stunt? Absolutely fantastic. So I knew that their April Fools tweet was sure to be a cracker, it’s a pun, it’s numerous fun plays on words. 10/10 I love it. 


I’ve been personally victimised by the delicious scent of Lidl’s bakery section more than once, and I’m not going to lie, I’d totally wear this. 


We love to see a brand showing some relevance so this tweet from paint giant Dulux is just fantastic and is definitely in my top ten. It’s now, it’s relevant and it features a cute dog, what more could I ask for? 


Emirates aren’t a brand I personally associate with fun marketing, unlike their competitor Ryanair who are taking TikTok by storm, so I was definitely pleased to see that they joined in the April Fools tweets with “Emireats.” 

Hollywood Bowl

Now, this isn’t a brand I’ve personally heard of but they definitely scored big with their April Fools tweet. Bonus points for the made up statistics to add an extra layer of believability. 

Seen a tweet we’ve missed? Let us know over on our Twitter!👇

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