VIDEO – 3 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting

Posted 22.05.2017

By Rob Twells

VIDEO – 3 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting

Our founders Rob & Liam take you through three common reasons your website is not converting!

Video transcript

I’m Rob, and I’m Liam and we’re the founders of Frogspark. We are a web design and digital marketing agency based in Derby, and today we are going to talk to you about 3 reasons why your website isn’t converting.

Reason number 1

Reason number 1 is you’re not giving your user enough opportunities to convert. Take a look at your site and if you’re not getting any leads, you’re not getting any enquiries through then there is something almost certainly wrong with your website. Its no longer enough just have a contact form and a contact page, you need to give them opportunities in the header, the footer, within the content, possibly even introducing a pop-up where you give something like an E-book out in exchange for an email address, even though they are a bit annoying.

Yeah so yeah kind of as Rob was saying you need to really look at your website and evaluate how well optimised it is. How well is… is the content there for conversions, are you directing users where you want them to, is it easy for users to find information because it’s not enough just to have a contact page now and expect people to go there and to get in touch with you. You need to be providing value to your users throughout the site making sure everything is optimised for them in order for them to get in touch with you because thats your end goal really. And that kind of wraps up point one. Point one is give them more reasons to get in touch with you… today.

Reason number 2

So. Point number 2 is about content and making sure you’ve got engaging content on your site. Take a real look at your website as it stands, put yourself in the views of a potential customer and look at the content you’re currently providing. Is that content good enough? Is it engaging you as a potential customer. Because it is really important that you are serving them with value about your business, and it’s not just about having a website that’s got all the bells and whistles now you need to make sure that as a visitor to your site, you are providing them with value and the key information about your business and what you’re offering to them because for me as a potential customer if I want to do business with you and get in touch with you, I want to find out what you do, how you come across and all the important things that you want to tell me about you. So within that, it is also important to make sure that through the content you’re giving me as a potential customer opportunities to go to a different service find out a little bit more and delve a little bit deeper. So you’re kind of creating me a nice journey, giving me good content and allowing me to go through your website to find out all the things that I want to, over to you Rob.

Content doesn’t just end with what you write. Its imagery, its any videos you can produce, its all different types of media. Just make sure it’s on brand, it represents you and it’s in a consistent tone of voice. Generally just keep the content coming, write a blog, show some authority, show you’re an expert in your field and if you do that consistently you’ll definitely see results.

Yeah, I think that’s an important point about content, when you say content you automatically think of writing and words but the attention span now of people is a lot less. So engaging images work really well, nice video like a short explainer about your business work really well, I think they are important factors to make sure you’ve got on your site as well.

Yeah, I mean make sure your imagery is original as well. There is nothing worse than when you see a stock image that you’ve seen on a thousand different websites. Take us for instance, we had a photography session with a local firm, and we got pictures of the team, we tried to get our personality in there and we feel it just represents us as a business. You can go to most sites and you’ve got the same bloke or the same woman doing the same thing and it doesn’t give you a feel for what they do. So make sure it’s on brand, make sure it represents you and I think you’ll definitely see results.

Reason number 3

So reason number 3 is making sure your website aligns with what the user expects. So when a user comes to your site, they have generally seen you in a search engine, or on social media or something like that. If for example, we were to put on our listing “fantastic web design” and they came to our site and it just didn’t look great, it’s just not going to reflect well on us and that user isn’t going into convert. So you just need to make sure that everything from the way your website looks, the content, all the way to your core service offering reflects that earlier thing that users seen just to sort of enhance the overall presence of you and push that conversion.

And just to touch on that as well, one thing that we see quite a lot is when great companies have got great branding, brochures and logos and things like that. And then you go onto the website and it’s not been looked at for a few years and it just doesn’t quite marry up and those kind of negative points your customers will feel and think “what’s kind of going on here”. So it’s really important to nail down who is coming to your website, so you need to look at your Google analytics, look at your social engagement and build up a demographic of the type of people that are coming to your website because once you’ve got a real understanding of that, you will then look at the content you’ve got on the site and how the site looks and feels and you can kind of really make sure that your focussed on that main user or users that are coming to your site. Because you can look at a particular area of your site and you can target it for one particular demographic and then slightly change it for some other material on your site that you’re finding other people are going to. So it’s all about getting a real understanding of your visitors and tailoring everything towards them because the end result of that will be them contacting you and getting in touch with you.

And that’s it, I mean I hope you’ve found it useful, you’ve got something there you can take away and possibly implement but if you do have any questions or any feedback for us you can head to our website which is , you can go to our twitter we just put out gif’s most of the time which is @Frogsparkstudio or even pop to the office for a game of ping-pong and a decent coffee and we will have a chat. Great stuff, thanks guys see you again soon

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