Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2018

Posted 29.06.2018

By Rob Twells

If you like to be up to date with the digital marketing industry, cast your eyes over these six sumptuous digital marketing trends which are rocking and rolling in 2018.
These trends will help you increase the brand awareness of your company, and drive more traffic to your site which long term, eventually bring you higher ROI.

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Video Content

Video Content is becoming more and more popular as a way to attract a bigger audience. It’s a great way of combining the informative content through a visual presentation.
Presumably, it’s because video is picturing various people, locations & situations that are different, which makes it more unique and interesting for the customer.
According to Forrester Research, a minute of video is worth 1.8 mln. words.
So you might start thinking about moving your promotions of recent events, news or updates onto your Social Media as videos, rather than written posts etc.


The new way of contacting your customers is through chatbots. You might be thinking why… The answer is simple! It’s fast in responding, delivers information in real time, and works 24/7! And the best thing is, that it’s also FREE if you’re using platforms like Facebook Messenger etc.

Communications through chatbots will not only be growing in 2018 but also 2019, 2020… Simply because people prefer interacting through chatbots as they are very trendy, responsive and quick in response. Why would you wait for someone to get back to you via email or contact form on the website if you can send a message on chatbot and receive an answer much quicker? It’s just a perfect way to improve your customer service!

Voice Search

Have you ever looked for an answer to your question on Google and you got bored with scrolling down and reading several paragraphs that don’t exactly give you what you’re looking for? This is where the voice search comes in and makes it quicker for you! For one simple question- you get one simple answer.
The most popular at the moment are Google Voice Search, Siri, Alexa etc.

Voice Search is definitely a growing tool in 2018, so make sure to take it into consideration in your digital marketing strategy as the optimisation for it is slightly different than to a traditional search.

Data Protection

Big, scary GDPR…
Everyone is talking about new privacy regulations which came into force on 25th May. This is definitely something that will change digital marketing industry in 2018. But will it be for good or bad?

Definitely for good as it will improve the security and privacy for your customers, which means that they will need to agree to be getting marketing promotions from the company or their third parties.
The only thing your company needs to do is to become compliant yourself and there is nothing else to be worried about!

Social Media Influencer

Maybe Influencer marketing is not a new thing in 2018, but it definitely is a strategy that grows!

But what is it all about? It’s promoting your products (and giving a small percentage of its sales) through influencers, who themselves have a big audience. The hope is that you get their audience to gain interest in the products they’re already using and reviewing.
It works really well especially amongst younger people, as it’s an ongoing trend to use Instagram or Facebook.

The reason Influencer marketing works so well is because products are being promoted by real people, possibly someone you know, rather than a woman on a TV advert that you have never heard of. Are you starting to think about promoting your products through influencers?


Being able to personalise your content is a great opportunity to offer a unique customer experience based on their interests, preferences & choices. A good example of a company who is using personalisation strategy is Starbucks.
In 2012 Starbucks has implemented a new service, where instead of writing the name of a drink ordered, they started to write the customer’s name on the side of cups. It brought a big interest all over the social media and made more people go and buy a coffee with their real name.
When it comes to digital marketing strategies, you can start personalising your content by purchasing the history data, consumer behaviour and links clicked etc.

There are so many digital marketing trends that will help you with boosting your sales & increasing your brand awareness. These six are only a few examples that you can consider in your strategy. Not every each of them may be suitable for your business, but take your own pick and start implementing it now.

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