Using Google to find free images

Posted 16.04.2015

By Rob Twells

Imagery is key for a website. Images can be the first thing a user sees on your new website and if used effectively, will leave a lasting and positive impression. Using a striking image can really make or break the design of a website. Not all images are free to use however. Most images you will come across are secured by some kind of copyright law which means you need permission to use it on your website, or you could be slapped with a hefty fine! Use the tip below to find great images which are labelled for reuse on your website:

Using google to find free images for your website

A great tip that we tell our newer customers is to use google images. Google images is a great way to find images, free to be used on a website. To find images that are allowed to be used, follow these steps:

Head to

Type in your search term for your desired image.

Click ‘search tools’.

Using Google To Find Free Images For Your Website - Frogspark Blog

Click ‘size’ and change the size to large, this will just ensure that the image is a high enough resolution to look good on the website.

Click ‘usage rights’ and select ‘labelled for reuse’.

Using Google To Find Free Images For Your Website - Frogspark Blog

This will display images at a good resolution that are all free to be used on your new website, powered by Google’s search algorithm to bring you fantastic results..

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