Web Designer vs Web Developer

Posted 21.09.2016

By Liam Nelson

When you need a new website, the chances are you will Google ‘web designer [your city]’ but should you be searching ‘web developer’ instead? At Frogspark, we are experts in both web design and web development. Learn the difference between the two and why you probably need experts in both…

Website designer

A designer’s role is to make a website look good and encourage interaction from website users. A good web designer will know how to make a site look great using the principles of design. They will also know how to encourage the user to navigate around the site.

Website developer

In short, a website developer will take the visual design and build it in code making it functional. They focus on the site’s functionality and efficiency. A web developer will work with programming languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Why you probably need both

To create a website which looks great, functions well and achieves your business’s goals, you need a designer and a developer (ahem, did we mention that we have both?).

It is quite rare to find somebody who possesses excellent skills in both these areas because they require different skill sets.

Generally, a designer will produce an excellent-looking website that lacks in functionality, and a developer will create a really functional website that lacks in design. This is why it is always best to hire a team of professionals who are able to utilise their experience and knowledge in the areas that they are most skilled in.

What Frogspark can offer

At Frogspark, we have a team of designers (one of them has even won a national web design award!). Our designers ensure that your website will look fantastic, reflect your business perfectly and give the user the best experience possible.

Our talented team of developers will make the vision a reality. Utilising the latest and greatest technologies to ensure your website works as well as it looks.

If you need help with your website or are interested in a brand new shiny one, then we’d love to speak with you. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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