VIDEO – Why Your Website Can Be Your Most Important Asset

Posted 30.05.2017

By Rob Twells

VIDEO – Why Your Website Can Be Your Most Important Asset

Today our founders take you through why your website can be your most important business asset!

Video transcript

I’m Rob and I’m Liam and we are from Frogspark. We are going to talk today about your website; its value to your business and why it can be your most important asset. That’s right.

(Volume warning: Clap followed by mad laughter)

Now the first thing you need to consider is what your website is for. So are you an E-commerce business that is looking to drive sales? Are you a blogger looking to give out valuable information? Or are you a service provider that has a custom solution to need to give out all the information, all the different configurables about your service to make sure the user gets all the information they need or require.

Yeah, so when it comes to you spec-ing out your website, you need to make sure whatever type of business you do, you need to identify that core aim for the website. So you need to make sure when you’re building the website it’s all about “is this going to be showcasing my services to the best of its ability and are people going to get in touch?”, “Am I making it easy for people to buy my product?”, “Am I presenting the content that I want in the best way?”. So it’s all of those things, once you have identified your core aim you need to make sure that is the focal point of your website because that will make it become your best asset for your business.

Get that right and you have a valuable asset.

So next is brand awareness. You obviously take a lot of care in your office, the work that you do, your store if you have one, your business attire (nice shirt mate, looking good). So a well maintained website should really reflect that to you and reflect all those different things. And you should be proud of it, and it should really follow through from your service offering all the way through to your website.

And it is, it really is important. So we launched our new website about a month ago, maybe 6 weeks ago now. And we made sure that our focus was on our user, making sure we made a good user journey throughout the site. And from that we have seen an increase in the amount of people we are getting to the site, the amount of time they are spending on the site, the amount of pages they are viewing, and more importantly we have seen about a 30% increase in online enquiries. So all of those things, really important. Again it does go back to, when you are looking at getting a new website make sure you identify the key goals and tailor your website to them so you can hit them.

Yep, and I’ll put all those stats over Liam’s face now because nobody wants to see any more of that. Yeah exactly, we will keep the shirt.

So the last reason your website can be a massive asset is the customer service benefit. So obviously you can’t man the phone 24/7. We all have to sleep at some point, so having things like a simple contact form, an FAQ’s section to resolve common queries, an automated message system that can answer users in a simple format whilst nobody is available. All of these type of things can really help your business, like I say, 24/7.

It is particularly important if you have an E-commerce website, you need to be making sales around the clock so make sure you are answering your customers questions about your products on the site so that they don’t really need to get in touch with you; they can answer their own questions on the website and make the purchase and carry on from there. And that’s pretty much it.

Yeah that’s it, I mean, obviously we are going to be quite bias but we really think that websites can be a massively important asset for your business. You can drive sales at all times and we just really believe it is an important investment you need to make if you want to generate more money for your business.

So hopefully, you found it useful, hopefully it’s opened up a few questions for you. But if you have got any more questions feel free to leave any feedback by heading to our website which is , heading to our twitter which is @FrogsparkStudio and we will see you again next time.

See you again soon.


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