Welcome Our New Web Developer – Ashley

Posted 16.04.2019

By Lucy Bradley

This year is one of growth for Frogspark, new projects, new clients and importantly new team members! A few weeks ago we introduced you to our new designer, Sarah, but today we’re like to introduce to your our new web developer Ashley! Our web development team continues to grow, and who knows, will someone new be joining soon?

Meet Ashley!

Ash first started to get into web development during his time at college where he did an IT course, really enjoying the elements of web development and implementation segment that were attached to it. So much so, that after finishing his course he began to learn more and code in his spare time.

Not only this, but he started freelancing as both a web developer and graphic designer. This allowed him to maximise his skill set, and also get some great experience working with clients and managing their expectations. Whilst he was freelancing, he was working at Toyota however he decided he wanted to make web development his full-time career. So his next steps were joining a company to design and build Apps and Websites for Takeaways and Restaurants as a Junior Web Developer. Now he’s joined team Frogspark – and we couldn’t be happier to have him!

What Stood Out To Ashley About Frogspark?

We asked Ash what made Frogspark stand out from the crowd, and what attracted him to the role. He said that that the professionalism of the work we put out was one of the main factors that steered him in our direction, but also the sheer diversity of the work.

He also said being able to use the latest technologies and brand new macs was a big plus too! We wonder if the office dog Chip will grow to become one of his favourite things here too?

5 Quick-fire Questions

1) If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be and what would you call it?

Unrealistic answer: A pet dragon, not sure of the name…

Realistic answer: A labrador puppy called Max.

2) Pick 3 words to describe yourself

Adventurer, Independent, Problem Solver…

3) Your go-to takeaway?

I try to avoid takeaways if I’m honest (wow we’re not sure how we feel about this…) But if I had to pick one, Oodles Chinese.

4) What’s your favourite album/music to listen to?

Eminem, Logic… Bastille. Don’t really have a favourite it’s very varied.

5) What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Bad drivers.

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