Why Great Photography is Key in B2B Website Design

Posted 08.01.2024

By Rob Twells

On any website, first impressions are formed within seconds, and the strength of that impression is more likely to be informed by the quality of your visual content than your wording.

In fact, a staggering 88% of website visitors seek visual content on a website, prior to making a decision or purchase – so a strong visual first impression really does count when it comes to website design. But beyond branding & user interface, one aspect that many new web projects neglect is photography.

For me, photography (team, environment and your services) for your new website isn’t a luxury, it is necessary – particularly in the B2B arena where it’s often your team, your values and what makes you different that sell your services. In short, people buy from people.

Humanise your brand

Creating a connection with your audience is vital in any website journey and having professionally taken photos of you and your team can help build that trust and connection with your visitors. Your customers want to see the people involved in the success your business can bring – it gives them a glimpse into the personalities within the business which builds a sense of familiarity, which in turn fosters a deeper level of trust. Show your customers who you are, why would you show them anything else?

Three portraits of young people in very bright colours

Relationship building

We all know B2B is as much about relationship building, as it is about anything else. Photos help the user build a picture of what it is like to work with you, form a relationship with your team and the type of culture you foster within your business.

When visitors can put a face to the name, it also adds authenticity to your brand, inspiring confidence in your abilities and the choice they are about to make. If your visitors feel like they know the individuals responsible for delivering results then a bond begins to form before you’ve even met.

Brand engagement

Professional photography is a fantastic way to showcase your business’s culture and values. Visual content goes beyond what words can communicate, allowing you to truly show what sets your business apart from the competition, helping you solidify your brand identity. 

High-quality photography helps convey a sense of professionalism and attention to detail, which builds credibility; paramount within B2B. By visually showcasing your team, workplace, and successful case studies you reinforce the notion that your business is a reliable and competent partner or provider.

Group of young people having a good time, sitting down outside

Enhance User Experience

The fact is – aesthetics matter for your website, and your users typically only take 3-5 seconds before they decide whether they want to stay or not. Having a visually captivating website engages your visitors, increasing your chances of them sticking around for longer. But you can’t just rely on stock photography – as the chances are that your website visitors have seen similar stock imagery throughout 90% of the websites they visited that day – don’t be part of that 90%.

Photography can also provide visual cues, directing visitors to specific sections or highlighting your services; guiding users around your site both naturally and effortlessly. By ensuring a smooth and intuitive navigation experience, you significantly reduce the chances of your users getting lost, or giving up in frustration.

Amplify your written messages

Providing consistency between the copy and photography on your site is also important, as both should work hand in hand. If your website has beautifully written content, but is paired with lifeless and generic stock imagery – it loses all of its appeal, and vice versa, of course.

Website photos should complement your words and contribute to the flow of the message, and though copy is extremely important (especially when it comes to SEO), well-considered visual content is equally important for amplifying and resonating your messages. Don’t allow poor photography to undersell, or miss the point of, the message you’re trying to communicate.

Camera on a green background

B2B website photography tips

So you’ve decided you’re ready for some photos for your new website. Your team are all spruced up, with new haircuts and dressed in their best clothes. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Showcase your workplace as a professional and dynamic environment, somewhere your customers will want to partner with
  • Put your team front and centre to show the human side of your business with friendly and professional team photos
  • Capture authentic moments to convey a positive and collaborative company culture, think about inviting a client in and conducting a meeting (or any other ‘real life’ scenario)
  • Maintain a consistent visual style across all your photography for a polished look (and something you can replicate further down the line)
  • Reinforce brand identity by incorporating logos and company colours in your photos.
  • Feature images of successful projects to demonstrate your business capabilities
  • Consider whether you need landscape or portrait photos to fit your new website (your website designer should support you with this)
  • Tell a visual story about your business journey, from inception to current successes

And finally…

Authentic and captivating photography can significantly boost your chances of making a great first impression, and develop a lasting one. Your website is not just the words you write, or the services you provide, but how well your visuals complement and amplify your message.

If you want to ensure you are squeezing every last drop out of your website to generate more sales and enquiries – then investing in professional photography will serve you well.

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