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The Client

Parkacre, a leading name in the pharmaceutical industry as a supplier and manufacturer of vitamins, faced the challenge of migrating their site to a new URL while rebranding to better reflect their evolving identity. This change provided the perfect opportunity to unify everything with a brand new web design – this is where we came in!

One of the new website’s goals was to streamline the vast amount of content the old site had into fewer pages while keeping a clean, simple, and professional look. Parkacre also needed a unique ingredients database to present their detailed product information clearly and efficiently, focusing on a modern, user-friendly design.

A further challenge involved navigating the domain migration process smoothly and precisely.

The Vision

We began with a detailed briefing to better understand and implement Parkacre’s new branding into the website design. Working closely with their content writers and creators, we ensured our design would amplify Parkacre’s visuals and messaging to speak more effectively to their audience.

A key challenge came in reducing the number of pages while also keeping all the necessary information, as well. Through careful planning, our web designers created a streamlined, intuitive layout for all the content that sat in harmony with our designs.

The Result

The new Parkacre website is the perfect showcase for our dedication to quality and client satisfaction. The transition to parkacre.com and the rebrand went smoothly and resulted in a site that looks great and, thanks to our web development team, is also a joy to use.

The website’s clean design, high-quality visuals, and intuitive navigation reinforce Parkacre’s reputation as a trusted leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Now, not only does it reflect their commitment to excellence, it also better engages their audience and provides them with easily accessible, valuable information in a user-friendly format.

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