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The project

Expert Trades is a UK based agency that helps trades build and scale a profitable business. Their mission was to produce a free homeowner directory application built by the trade, for the trade to help businesses be found online. The aim of this was to rival the likes of Checkatrade and Mybuilder…

The process

We worked closely with the Expert Trades team to help spec and plan the project. There was two key sides to the project: for the homeowner, and for the trades business. To suit to suit the homeowner, we built a platform where they could search for their desired service and find trades nearest to them based on reviews from the general public. Each trades business has the ability to create their profile, which produces a full microsite for each business which features information such as reviews, contact details and their expertise.


A key strategy of Expert Trades was to ensure the website was rich with content. Their idea was to create an area on the website that held a database full with thousands of common questions a homeowner may have. Their is a facility with Expert Trades suite of software which lets Trades companies answer these questions which further boosts their visibility within the Verified network.

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