From responsive design, smooth transitions and slick animations to efficient user interfaces, eye-catching imagery and smart layouts, we go the extra mile to make more of the web. See what makes us tick when designing and developing new websites.

Techniques we use

Thanks to the continued advances in browser and device technology, we’re all more connected and better equipped to benefit from the number of technical advances made in web development.

We’re reaching a point where an animation that used to bring a mobile phone to it’s knees is now a walk in the park, where internet speeds don’t shackle our ability to create incredible web experiences, and where we can really push what’s possible on your sites.

We’ve continued to keep up with industry trends, evolving our skills and services to bring more value to you.

Responsive Design

Any website that can’t deliver a high-quality experience on mobile devices is destined to fail. More users are browsing your site on mobile devices than ever before – even taking over our stoic desktop companions in some sectors. It shouldn’t be ignored by and business and, in our opinion, should be celebrated. That’s where responsive design comes in.

Responsive design is the concept of building websites that function seamlessly across devices of all sizes and types. Let’s say you’re browsing on your desktop in a fullscreen browser and then switch over to a mobile device, a responsive website will appropriately scale and adjust the page design to ensure you enjoy a high-quality experience at all times.

If designed correctly, responsive navigation happens on-the-fly as you browse, switch devices or land on a new page, so even a rescaled browser window won’t throw up a fuss.

We think this is a core competency for any website in 2017 and as such include this as a core service for all websites we create.


When you first load a site, there’s a lot that needs to be done. From the very basic layout to the content on the page, everything has to be loaded as fast as possible to give you the best experience.

If left unchecked, you’d see some pretty interesting things happen – elements popping in at random, content and images populating in odd locations momentarily. It’s a negative experience and that’s not good for anyone. Animations help to mask this, loading sections together cohesively, creating smooth transitions to hide the loading process, and adding that extra shine to your website that will really impress.

Most won’t notice that an animation is at work and, for the most part, that’s how it should be. They should be unobtrusive and helpful, enriching your experience in a small but impactful way. We’re big fans and are always looking for the best way to add that extra 10% to any website we make.


One of the best ways to engage with an audience, video has become a potent tool in our arsenal since HTML 5 came on the scene. There are more ways than ever to integrate video content into your site, without having to resort to out-of-place iframes or embedded videos from other sources.

Whether you are looking to overtly market a product or service or just supplement an existing page with rich content, we’ll work with you to find the right way to show your business, and bring that to life with our knowledge of web development.

Retina Imagery

We’re all visual people and our devices have evolved to meet that demand. Modern displays, such as iMac ‘Retina displays’, are infinitely more detailed than even a few years ago, increasing in pixel density and resolution for a sharper experience.

As wonderful as that is, it means that you need to create pixel-perfect content to match that or end up looking pretty poor. Images are the prime culprit of falling at the wayside, either being too low resolution and looking grainy, or being so detailed that lower-quality screens can’t handle the image density and look washed out.

We ensure that all our images are optimised to meet both requirements – sharp and clear on the latest displays while looking clean and presentable on older displays.

Smart User Interfaces

This integral part of any website has to be done just right; it’s the primary method of navigation for your users, after all. We love to create user interfaces that are easy to use, look great and just work really well.

Whether you are looking for a sticky navigation to always be accessible or a series of dropdowns to display subsections elegantly, we’ll work with you to get the right design. We create all our user interfaces to be as minimal as possible, ensuring your actual site gets all the attention it deserves.

Of course, we follow our responsive ethos here too, so all our smart UIs work great on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Perfect.

Speedy Websites

With all the above on the go at once, it’s often the case that pages can take longer than you’d like to load on slower internet connections. Fortunately, we use the latest practices to keep everything lean and efficient, ensuring visitors to your site aren’t sat waiting.

Long load times can be one of the biggest factors in a high bounce rate – users who leave your site before navigating further – and it should be optimised as much as possible. We consider speed at every stage of design, from the way we will build and develop your page to the technologies we use, so that you get a quick-loading site which looks incredible.