The Latest In Digital Marketing: June 27th

Posted 27.06.2018

By Lucy Bradley

What’s new in digital marketing this week? See below for the full details from our digital marketing experts.

Ambiguous AMP Label Reappears In Search Results

Back in 2016, an amp (accelerated mobile page) label was spotted next to a search result. If you don’t know what an amp is, in short, it’s a pared-down version of the mobile web, which runs on its own version of HTML. An amp page can load anywhere between 15-85% faster than the standard version of the same page. This created much speculation on whether it would be a permanent fixture within the SERPs and whether it’d have an impact on search rankings – two years on and the label has been spotted again. Search Engine Land contacted Google for a comment; “We’re always testing new ways to improve our experience for our advertisers and users, but don’t have anything specific to announce right now,”. We’ll have to watch this space…

Are You Considering These Factors For Local SEO?

When building your local SEO profile, there are further factors and trends we should all be considering. Voice search in the first instance, with the use of this growing more rapidly than ever. Furthermore, monitoring relevant online conversations and interactions around local keywords helps aid your understanding and how and why people interact with your brand so that you can look to target them more effectively. Finally, ensuring you have a consistent strategy around gaining and posting reviews; as these are a top factor in determining your rankings.

Google Translate Now Works Offline

Good news for anybody needing to translate whilst on the go: the Google Translate app will now work offline thanks to its integration with Google Brain. This also means that translations will be more accurate since it will account for a whole phrase rather than small chunks. And this improvement didn’t just come about, Google sent a team around the world to find out what different people wanted from their tool.

Google Has Announced The Launch Of The Google My Business Agency Dashboard

The new dashboard which has been released by Google this week will allow local marketing agencies and digital freelancers to manage multiple listings in a much more efficient way. Some of the new features include: managing all locations under one account, with the limit of 100 locations being removed, you’re able to see the status of the invitations to managing listings and permission levels have been introduced for various members of the team depending on their seniority.

Google Has Confirmed 7 Points Around Mobile-First Indexing

The oh so secret Google has finally confirmed 7 points around mobile-first indexing, and what it really means for webmasters.

  1. URLs – Google will show the mobile URL to mobile users, and the desktop URL to desktop users.
  2. More crawling on mobile pages, over desktop ones.
  3. The Google cache will 404 on pages that were recently moved to the mobile-first indexing process (a cache bug we hope will be resolved soon)
  4. Speed update announced next month.
  5. Content in hamburger works fine on mobile.
  6. All desktop-only sites will be moved to mobile-first indexing.
  7. Mobile-friendly ranking boost will continue!

Bing Ads To Roll Out UI Updates To Make Bulk Changes Easier

Bing Ads have rolled out a range of updates to the UI that’ll make analyzing and optimizing campaigns within their platform a lot easier. The updates are for features such as adjusting location targeting settings, including bid adjustments, in bulk across multiple campaigns. Making more metrics available in the Dimensions reports, such as age, gender, geographic, time quarter, ad spend and revenue. It’s also now possible to add filters and adjust the columns shown in reports from the Dimensions tab. You can read more about the new UI updates over at Search Engine Land.

So there we have it – the latest updates for you, all in one place. Make sure you look-out for our future news posts, or if you would like to have a chat about digital marketing, get in touch with our team today!

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