Does your business need to rebrand?

Posted 20.04.2022

By Bethany

Is your brand feeling a bit uninspiring? Starting to fancy a spring clean of your business website, logo, fonts and copy? Stop! You might not actually need a full rebrand. (I know, we’re talking ourselves out of the big money here.) But sometimes a full rebrand can actually harm your already successful business. If you’re looking for signs your brand needs a rebrand, take a look below. 

Your brand is starting to look like your competitors

If there’s nothing differentiating your business from your competitors, then it might be time to look at rebranding. Especially if you are visually similar with your logos, stock images and websites. It always pays to be different from your competitors, to save your prospects from being confused as to whose website they’re actually looking at!

Your website and brand is starting to show it’s age

If your website hasn’t been updated since 2000 and is flash based with a loading time in which you could walk to Jupiter, it’s probably time for an upgrade! But it’s worth looking at the bigger picture, if your logo has stood the test of time and your messaging hasn’t changed, then a fresh website should suffice. However, if your logo is screaming for an update, take some inspiration from the big boys such as Ikea and Pepsi that updated their logos to reflect a more modern era. 

Ikea logo progression

pepsi logo progression

You’ve had a PR disaster or your reputation just isn’t that great

We hope you aren’t in this type of sticky situation as moving on from a PR disaster and coming back stronger isn’t easy, though it can be done. In this kind of situation you might want to go through a full rebrand to show a visual disconnection from the company you used to be. It’s important to show growth and changing up your website alongside a well crafted press release will go far to show your customers that you’re serious about change. 

A real life example is Evri formerly Hermes. They recently received a lot of press for their rebrand and we think it was much needed. A quick google search of “Hermes delivery review” reveals a rating of 1.2 from 6913 reviews, not what you want potential clients to see and it appears that Hermes/Evri agree.

CEO of Evri (Hermes) said, “It is more than just a name change, it’s a statement of intent of our commitment to leading the way in creating responsible delivery experiences for ‘Evri one’, ‘Evri where’.” 

Your business has expanded

If you used to sell mugs and your logo, website and marketing material is centred around mugs, when you expand to selling a whole range of crockery you’ll probably need to rebrand. This is a great opportunity to completely overhaul your brand, or if you prefer, just expand it a little, the world’s your oyster!


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