Is Guest Blogging Worth It?

Posted 26.06.2020

By Luke Pickering

You may have heard that guest blogging is a brilliant way to help out with your SEO efforts, but is it really worth it? Looking for opportunities,, reaching out and then actually writing the article? Well, we’ll be using this post to break it down for you and why in 2020 you should still be guest blogging where you can.

Free exposure

When you’re writing guest blogs, in order for it to be as effective as possible you want to make sure that you’re writing for blogs that are relevant to your business and the industry that you’re in. This means that the people reading your blog post are most likely going to be interested in what your business has to offer, and are going to be more valuable to your business than if you write on an unrelated topic. So you’re gaining free relevant exposure for your business, but it may seem difficult on where you start. We recommend tools like SemRush where they have a backlink opportunity section on their site. This tool compiles a number of sites you may look at offering to write for. Software like this will greatly speed up the process and help you find rich links that will be effective for your site.

Build your social media presence

Many sites will post about a new blog that goes up on their site, and many of them will also tag the business or individual that has written the article. This, therefore, means that every time they promote the blog post you will also be getting a free tag. It’s a brilliant way for you to build your social media following, and as those that interact with the posts are more likely to be genuinely interested in your product or service.t

Not only is it posts about the blog but occasionally when you guest blog they will allow you to create a contributor profile in which you can include your social medias, therefore, the users who read your article will be able to find your social media accounts at the click of a button at the end of your post.


One of the big reasons why people want to do guest blogging is that it is known as one of the best ways of building backlinks to your website. It has become widely accepted that if someone writes a guest blog for you then the least you can do is link back to them at the end of the article in the contributor profile. These links are an excellent way to help with your SEO efforts and build up your website’s authority. This is where making sure that the website you’re writing for is relevant and in a similar industry to yourselves, because if it isn’t relevant the link is going to have very little impact on your SEO.

Brand awareness

Something that can sometimes get overlooked is people just finding out about your business. It can have a much bigger impact than you may originally think. We often look at the technical aspects such as how it has affected your SEO, or the number of shares it got on social media, but brand awareness is a big thing. When more people know about your business it can spread through other unmeasurable methods such as word of mouth. There is nothing better than a friend recommending a brand or a product to you, it is an honest endorsement that is going to help you make your decision on purchasing an item. 83% of people say that they trust the recommendations of a friend or family member.

Improve your content marketing skills

A final big positive of guest blogging is that it allows you to build your content marketing skills and improve at writing articles. It requires you to spend time researching and adopting the right writing voice for the audience you’re reaching. It can often take a lot more practice than you may first think which in the long run can greatly help your business when it comes to creating interesting pieces of content.

Overall we really recommend that you still guest blog, it’s a brilliant way to help with your SEO and improve your overall brand awareness. If you’d like help with content marketing or your SEO efforts, don’t hesitate to get in touch… 

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