Is SEO Still Worth It In 2020?

Posted 07.07.2020

By Luke Pickering

Is SEO still worth it in 2020? With over 25 years of it being used as a marketing strategy, is SEO still as effective as it used to be? With a host of other methods from video to social medias popping up in recent years should you still be investing in SEO? Well in summary yes! Let’s break it down why it is still worth your business investing in Search Engine Optimisation.

Search volume

Approximately 3.5 billion searches are made every day on Google and 75% of those searches go to the top 3 results on the Search Engine Results Page. This means that those businesses who are right up at the top are the ones who are taking the vast majority of clicks and users. Even if you don’t get your business to the top and the user doesn’t click onto your site having your business visible is helping to grow levels of brand awareness regardless. Just to show how substantial it can be for your business, 31.7% of search traffic will click the first result in the SERPs. This means that for a search term such as “cheap hotels” that gets 74,000 average monthly searches, approximately 23,458 of those searches will go to the number one result. That’s a huge amount of traffic that you could be bringing to your site. While yes traffic may not equal conversions it is likely that an increase in traffic and the number of users who are coming to your site will help your business’ growth.

Why not just use PPC?

If you can just pay to get your website at the top of the SERP then why not? PPC is a brilliant way of getting your business to the top, with it working effectively for companies of all sizes. But unfortunately, it is too good to be true. While yes it is effective at getting your website to the top, it is only a short term method and will likely have very little lasting impact unless you have got very deep pockets. It’s not only expensive.

The problem using only PPC methods is that there are some features on Google that can only be accessed through good SEO practices. Zero-click searches include things such as a Google answer box, will only put your content in there if you have:

  • Excellent on-page content
  • High-value links off the page

If you opt for PPC only then you’re going to potentially missing out on getting your business and content into the zero-click searches.

Best SEO practices

The issue is with a lot of businesses that claim SEO has little to no effect on their business is they aren’t using the best SEO practices possible. It isn’t just a ‘one size fits all’ approach, you have to do everything tailored to your business and make the correct decisions. With a whole host of options to help improve your Search Engine Optimization from writing out great content, to optimizing your meta titles and tags, they’re all going to have an effect on just how well your Search Engine Optimization goes for you. 

Overall, in summary, no SEO isn’t dead! And never is going to be while people are still searching on the internet. It’s one of the best investments to help get your business found and expand your visibility. So if you’d like some help with your SEO efforts don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts here at Frogspark… 

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