3 LinkedIn Content Marketing Tips

Posted 19.02.2021

By Annabel Thomas

LinkedIn is viewed by some as nothing more than a job hunting platform, but did you know it is the 15th most visited global website and has 760 million users? LinkedIn is a great tool for marketing and can be used for both B2B and B2C campaigns. With 30 million companies now using LinkedIn, it is used for many different purposes, from sharing company updates to posting industry news. 

There are two ways to publish content on LinkedIn. The first way is to use LinkedIn Publisher. This is a tool which lets LinkedIn members write and publish articles about their expertise and interests. The articles are usually five to seven paragraphs in length and are then shared with the user’s LinkedIn network. The second way to publish content is by using the LinkedIn status update. This feature is a bit like Twitter or Facebook’s newsfeed and is perfect for a short and to the point update or message. LinkedIn is a great platform for content marketing – if you want to stand out from the crowd, we have just the tips for you…

1. Video

Unlike Instagram and TikTok, LinkedIn users tend to browse through the platform for a shorter amount of time; an average of 24 minutes a day. This means people scroll faster and more efficiently on LinkedIn, therefore lengthy content doesn’t resonate as well with users. Video content, however, is dominating the platform because it is short, concise and often easy to consume. LinkedIn allows users to post video status updates directly on the platform. Additionally, you can add videos to your company page as well as your own LinkedIn profile. 

Short, easily digestible videos are perfect for conveying a large amount of information quickly and require less effort from users. Native video content on LinkedIn can last between 3 seconds and 10 minutes. It is perfect for sharing tips, delving into a topic, having a discussion or even hosting an interview. It also helps to give your business a personal touch if you show the faces behind your company! 

2. LinkedIn Publisher

The goal for many when using social media platforms is often to drive traffic somewhere else, such as a blog post or website landing page. When it comes to LinkedIn, better engagement is often produced when you keep people on the platform itself. If you want to get the best engagement on LinkedIn, then it isn’t always beneficial to share links that your audience will simply scroll past. Instead, take advantage of LinkedIn’s great publisher tool and create gripping posts and content that doesn’t interrupt their session on the platform and force them off the site.

To start writing content, you just need to click the ‘Write article’ button on your LinkedIn homepage. You are then able to write your article, add a headline and format as desired, before clicking publish to share. 

3 LinkedIn content marketing tips

Using the LinkedIn publishing platform regularly creates a sense of trust within your LinkedIn community and positions you as a thought-leader. Your network will become more familiar with you and the content you publish over time. Likes, comments and shares will all widen the field of influence as your content is seen by more connections. Also, whilst Google Analytics is great for tracking your blog posts and web stats, it doesn’t tell you the most common industries and positions of your readers. LinkedIn gives you access to all that data!

3. Create a Buzz

Using LinkedIn as a tool to show off your business’ knowledge and expertise is far more useful than trying to push heavy sales messaging onto your connections. By creating innovative and engaging content, that is genuinely relevant to your audience you will see the best results. 

To create a buzz around your content it is important to get a discussion going! Ask your audience questions, for their feedback and to share their thoughts and allow a discussion to flow in the comments section. LinkedIn is a great place for industries to share their knowledge and build strong relationships. So don’t just post and leave, expecting great engagement. Instead, ask users to share their opinions and establish a thought-provoking conversation!

LinkedIn is a great tool for content marketing and is underused by many businesses! For all help with your LinkedIn strategy, get in touch!

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