Property Marketing: What Are The Take Home Techniques?

Posted 05.02.2021

By Annabel Thomas

The property market is ever-evolving, dynamic and competition is fierce. Over the last year, we have seen the effects of the pandemic and Brexit shaping the industry. Selling houses isn’t straightforward, every client is looking for something different, and market demand is always changing. The growth of websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla have shaped the property industry, making it harder for estate agents to stand out to clients. Here at Frogspark, we have a wealth of experience in the property marketing sector, having worked on web design and digital marketing for our property clients. So lets, take a look at the key tips when it comes to property marketing…

1. Video Content & Virtual Viewings

Prospective homeowners are now expecting video content as well as online imagery when it comes to properties. It appears that many estate agents are still falling short of this demand. Whilst video content is not a new phenomenon, the introduction of the pandemic restrictions meant virtual viewings and tours made house hunting more accessible to clients, from home. It has been shown that videos are highly effective in the property industry, with 70% of house hunters watching video tours when property shopping.

Adding high quality video content to your online listings and property marketing strategy is a great way to enhance your sales. Video content doesn’t just need to be uploaded to your website, it can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and be as creative as possible. Content such as video area guides, or a top 5 things to do before selling your house are great interactive content pieces for your social media channels.

2. VR and Augmented Reality

VR and augmented reality are set to change the property market dramatically in the next two years. VR, also known as virtual reality, creates a simulated environment worn through a headset and augmented reality (AR) adds an overlay onto existing environments. In the future, buyers will be able to visit houses without leaving their current one, saving time and money. Clients can explore properties at their own leisure, without an estate agent showing them around. It can also help buyers imagine what a house would look like when furnished or with various modifications.

3. SEO

Video shouldn’t be the only focus of your property marketing strategy. In a highly competitive industry you need to ensure your SEO techniques underpin your content marketing strategy. SEO will help increase your website traffic and ensure you are ranking for relevant keywords. You should also work on creating good quality links for your website to other reputable sites e.g. interior designers or architects. It is a great idea to set your business a profile on Google my business to ensure you are visible for local searches. Get in touch with us for help with your SEO strategy. 

4. Customer Journey

Gone are the days of physical property listings in the paper, 93% of all property sales come from an online listing. Creating an immersive and sleek, digital customer experience is imperative. From a great website, professional photography and videography to showcasing engaging content, you need to keep up online. If you have a strong database of prospective clients it is important to keep them engaged. This can be done through email triggers to prospective clients who match a new property, relevant blog posts, a strong social media presence and great video content. 

Whether you are a developer, estate agent, mortgage broker or surveyor we have got you covered in the property marketing sector. Take a look at our recent work for Bournes Lettings and Stonebridge Group. Get in touch with us today if you need any help with your property marketing! 

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