From Visitors to Customers: 5 Tips for Website Conversion Optimisation

Posted 22.05.2023

By Bethany

If you’ve got a company website, (and in this day and age, who hasn’t?!) you’re going to want it to work hard for you, that’s right, we’re talking conversions. When we say conversions, it doesn’t necessarily mean making a purchase, it could be signing up for a webinar, requesting a sample or even downloading an e-book.

Just having a website isn’t enough, you need to think about conversion optimisation when you’re designing your site. Conversion optimisation is all about making your website work hard to get your visitors to take the action(s) you want. It’s also pretty easy to measure the success of your conversion optimisation efforts, using GA4 or similar you can keep an eye on the metrics and goal completions that’ll help guide your efforts.

We’re going to talk you through 5 easy things you can improve on your site to drive conversions.

Clear, compelling call to actions (CTAs)

Your calls to action are key! They tell the user exactly where they need to be and what they need to do. Make them stand out by using eye-catching colours and clever placement. (Did you know there are AI tools to help with this? TDM did a great job explaining in their last webinar) Making sure your copy is catchy and persuasive will also go a long way. Make sure you’re clear in telling your users what they’ll get when they click the button… Oh, and remember to test different versions of your CTA’s to find the magic combination. 

Make your navigation streamlined

There’s nothing worse than a website with rubbish navigation that makes you click through a maze of pages to find what you’re looking for. So it stands to reason that you need to make your website navigation easy to use. Make sure your content is organised logically, using parent pages if needed, and make sure the language is simple and clear, avoid jargon. You might also want to throw in a search functionality for users in a hurry! 

Have a go at A/B Testing

We’re only human, we don’t get it 100% right on the first time. Try different versions of your landing pages to see what works best. Why not have a play with different designs, layouts, copy and CTA’s? Let the data be your guide in making informed strategy decisions. Continuous improvement is key! 

Make it snappy

Your website that is! Noone likes waiting for a slow website to load, it’s the equivalent of watching paint dry. Make sure you’re following our tips to optimise the speed of your website, including reducing your image sizes, sorting your caching and fixing up your hosting. You can read our blog about this here

Build trust with trust signals

For people to convert on your website, they need to trust you. This is where trust signals come into play. Ask customers or clients for reviews and testimonials, show off your award wins, and if you’re accredited by your industry, make sure you show those badges off too! Now, if this sounds pretty intriguing we have a really detailed guide over at TDM,  on “How to use trust signals to improve conversion rates in eCommerce.” It’s definitely a fantastic read, and worth getting the kettle on and settling down to read on your lunchbreak! 

Remember, it’s an ongoing journey. Keep testing, analysing, and improving, and watch your website become a conversion machine! 

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