Why your website needs to be made by a professional

Posted 17.08.2016

By Liam Nelson

Why would you pay for a website? Why not just do it yourself or get a friend to do it?

The most obvious reason would be the return on your investment. Good websites make businesses money, bad websites cost businesses money (in the long run).

Websites often increase lead generation by upwards of 80%! The money that came out of your pocket for the website will be back in your pocket and multiplied in no time.

You’re not attempting to do it yourself and you don’t know anyone that can do it for you so you go to the cheapest web ‘developer’ you can find? Wrong again. Here’s why you need to be choosing reputable professional companies like Frogspark to create your website:


If you call in a favour from a friend, they will not have the same incentive and motivation as someone who is being paid to do a great job on your website and is genuinely passionate about what your business is trying to achieve from it.

A range of expertise

Do you know the difference between a designer and a developer? Both professionals have completely different skill sets and a team of people demonstrating expertise in different areas will be a lot more effective than one person who dabbles in each of these areas.

In a well-developed team like Frogspark, you will also have access to in-house members who specialise in digital marketing and are able to produce great website content, analyse your SEO and advise or manage your social media presence.

Responsive web design

Do you know what devices your customers are using to browse your website? The most important factor to take into account with web design is how responsive your website is to your customers, no matter which device they opt to use.

Our research suggests that websites are actually viewed mainly on mobile (55% of users in fact). The majority of people will use their phone to search for you on Google or they will find your website from social media platforms which are mainly used on mobile devices. So it’s good practice to design a website with mobile at the forefront, then work it for tablet and desktop.

Having said that, this percentage of mobile users will differ (sometimes greatly) between websites depending on the industry and nature of the business so it’s important to know your audience!

Good, professional website developers know how to make your website responsive to avoid your customers going to the competition.

Make the most of your content

Good content is an essential part of creating a great website but any web design professional will tell you that there are design and technical elements to take into account to ensure the content is effective. Having well-placed content on a website is crucial to lead generation and grabbing potential clients.

Save your time

Firstly, it will take you months to be able to code an ‘OK’ website. If you’ve got that friend of yours to build your website, what happens when you want to start making some more advanced changes and they aren’t able to make them? What happens if a new version of a browser is released and part of the website isn’t optimised for it?

Websites need ongoing maintenance. A professional website developer should fully maintain your website so that changes are easy to make and it is always up to date with the latest technologies.

At Frogspark, our websites are all focused on a conversion oriented user experience, are all responsive, built to your individual requirements and fully maintained.

Get a website you love

Hiring quality website developers means that you don’t have to settle for what you get. We work with a client throughout the whole process of building their website starting with a thorough consultation where brand and website goals will be discussed.

A good website agency will ask you for feedback at every stage to ensure you are completely happy with the progress your website is making.

If want to know more about making your website more visible in search engines like Google, read our blog on how SEO impacts your business.

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