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The client

Dilmaherbals are an ecommerce luxury skincare company who create natural, sustainable, cruelty free skincare products. From their under eye cream to anti blemish night cream they have used clean, responsibly sourced ingredients with pure herbal extracts and natural oils to create a winning skincare formula. They are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible by using sustainable packaging and ingredients, resulting in skincare products that protect your skin and the planet.

The Strategy

Dilmaherbals came to us to create their marketing campaigns. They wanted to effectively communicate their core values with consumers in a clear and transparent way. Dilmaherbals wanted to convey the sustainability of their products, their use of clean ingredients and the many skincare benefits the ingredients of their products offer. Dilmaherbals asked us to establish a multi-channel marketing campaign to help them get their message out there!

10+Pieces of coverage recieved
2,000Increase on Instagram followers
47%Increase on organic traffic

Social Media

We have been running the Instagram and Facebook social media accounts for Dilmaherbals for just over a year; designing eye-catching graphics, writing succinct copy and planning and scheduling content. We have also run competitions, boosted posts and created Instagram reels and stories for them. Our focus has been on brand awareness and growing the social media accounts – their Instagram account started off with 0 followers and now has over 2.2k! .


Our SEO efforts for Dilmaherbals have been focused around their product pages. We wanted to make sure every product page was fully optimised for users and search engines, to drive ecommerce sales as well as increase rankings. We created a keyword list that contained all the relevant keywords to the business, industry and products they offer. From there we were able to identify priority pages to optimise and utilise the high search volume keywords. 

We have also worked on link building for the website, as high quality backlinks increase rankings and help drive website traffic. This worked particularly well for our blog post on ‘Best meditation podcasts 2020’ which saw excellent ranking results. Within 6 months our SEO work for Dilmaherbals saw their organic traffic increase by 47%!

Content Marketing

We worked closely with Dilmaherbals on creating compelling pieces of content that resonate closely with their target audience. We established a content calendar and worked heavily on devising a content marketing strategy that would enhance their brand awareness. From blog posts on topics such as Avocado Oil vs Almond Oil For Skin to Benefits of Sleep on Skin, to creating extensive social media campaigns and infographics and designs – we have covered it all! Our content marketing has helped drive website traffic to Dilmaherbals, support our SEO work as well as increase Dilmaherbal’s engagement with their online audience. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We then turned our attention to Conversion Rate Optimisation. Using key tools such as SEMRush, HotJar and Google Analytics we gained a deep insight into Dilamherbals conversion data. From this point we were able to identify key changes that needed to be made on their website, such as streamlining the checkout process, creating a ‘customers also buy’ section, adding an easy newsletter sign-up banner as well as general optimisations to the website to make the customer journey more efficient. 

We initially created the Dilmaherbals website in 2020, when Dilmaherbals came to us with the brief of creating a simple, clean and easily navigable website. They wanted a custom ecommerce site that allowed them to be transparent with users about the product ingredients and to allow customers to see the key skin care benefits of their creams. For a more in-depth look at what work we did when creating their website take a look through our Dilmaherbals case study. The bespoke, clean and modern site we created has allowed them to excel as an ecommerce skincare company. 

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