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The client

Operating since 2015 Repair My Meter Box is a family run company operating throughout the UK and based in Derby. They offer a range of meter box solutions from meter box replacement doors to meter box repair kits & parts. They strive to find tangible solutions to their customer’s needs and pride themselves on their excellent reputation and customer service.

The challenge

Through the use of digital marketing, Repair My Meter Box wanted to grow their online presence and increase their customer base. As an e-commerce company, having a strong online presence was vital and we worked extensively with them to create the best digital marketing campaigns, from SEO to Paid ads we created a multi-channel campaign approach.

The Strategy

When it came to working on the digital marketing strategy for Repair My Meter Box, we undertook an extensive analysis of their website and Google Analytics accounts so we were able to put a plan together. Our digital marketing efforts were focused on creating a digital marketing plan that would drive traffic to their website and see an increase in conversions to their ecommerce website

SEO and Content

Our SEO efforts have been focused on optimising the product pages for Repair My Meter Box. We are aiming to increase organic traffic and rankings. To do this, we monitored keyword rankings for the business, industry and products offered. We were then able to create a range of priority keywords that we were able to optimise the product pages around to improve rankings and bring additional website traffic to the site. Our priority keyword list also acted as the basis for our content creation and we were able to create various blog content and how to guides.

We have also worked on link building and creating high-quality backlinks as these are important factors in increasing website rankings and driving traffic to the website. Within a year the website traffic for Repair My Meter Box has increased by over 91% and conversions have increased by 107%! 

Social Media

We work with Repair My Meter Box on their organic social media posts on Facebook. We design eye-catching graphics, write catchy copy and plan and schedule the Facebook content and posts. Our focus has been on brand awareness and growing the Facebook account for Repair My Meter Box. 

Paid Social

We run paid social media ads for Repair My Meter Box on Facebook. Focusing on gaining conversion on their products we have curated highly successful Facebook campaigns that resonate with their target audience. We continually optimise and A/B test the Facebook Ads alongside running a remarketing and product campaign targeting a highly targeted audience. 


Repair My Meter Box decided they needed a new website that had a modern look and could meet their growing needs. A key requirement of this website was that it would allow them to grow their business and keep up with a rising demand for orders. We worked closely with Repair My Meter Box to create a website that could cater for their growth and that looked fresh, modern and also had the infrastructure to host a fully functioning e-commerce store. Find out in more detail how we created a new website for Repair My Meter Box.

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