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The Client

Wet Room Materials is a luxury wet room design company who were one of the first companies to introduce the unique and stylish Scandinavian wet room designs to the UK. They have strong connections with designers, developers, architects and contractors and sell to commercial and individual clients. 

Alongside selling a gorgeous range of luxury wet room products they also provide a highly qualified Danish trained installation service. They pride themselves on being highly innovative and being the market leaders in all things wet room design. Their bespoke service is popular with both commercial and individual clients and they have worked with some big companies such as SoulCycle and The Four Seasons Hotel

The Strategy

Selling a range of high quality Scandinavian wet room products, Wet Room Materials needed a digital marketing campaign to reflect their unique and high-quality products. We wanted to create a digital campaign that encompassed the quality of their products and utilised a multi-channel approach, from SEO to content marketing to get the word out there! 


When it comes to SEO, we have been focusing on optimising the product pages for Wet Room Materials with the aim of increasing rankings and organic website traffic. To begin with, we worked with the client on pulling together a range of keywords that would encompass the products, industry and services they offered to help them compete in the search engine rankings. After creating the list of keywords, we were able to optimise the website content around our priority keywords.

Further to this we have worked on building high-quality backlinks to the Wet Room Materials website, as well as working on their internal linking structure. Our SEO efforts  have helped to increase the rankings of their website; over the last year we have seen qualified website traffic increase by 15.67%, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Content Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, we wanted to pull out all the stops with our content marketing strategy for Wet Room Materials. Utilising the keyword list we had created for our SEO strategy, we were able to pull ideas together for new content and blog topics around the keywords we wanted to target. From blog posts on styling small wet rooms to creating a range of how to guides, we have been able to successfully create a content marketing strategy for the client. 

Social Media

We worked with Wet room Materials to establish a solid social media presence across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. From product reviews, to blog post links to installation tips and dos and don’t of wet room installation, we covered a range of relevant topics across organic social media that would resonate with the target audience. 


When it came to the website, we created a brand new sleek and modern website for wet room materials to match their high-end products. We wanted to showcase the products online in a clear way but made sure it also gave users enough detail. We created a dropdown feature to allow users to show/hide information, as well as a gallery feature to allow users to flick through various high-end images of each product. Take a look in more detail at our wet room materials website case study. 

We work with Wet Room Materials on various web changes as part of their monthly marketing retainer with us. From adding new features and pages, to providing a greater range of technical information and data sheets for website visitors. Our aim continues to be providing a positive UX for users on the site; driving qualified traffic to convert to a potential customer.

The result

We’ve built a multi-channel digital marketing campaign that has increased the brand awareness of Wet Room Materials as well as increased their lead generation.

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