Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency Rather Than An In House Employee?

Posted 04.07.2018

By Lucy Bradley

So you’ve decided to make the most of the opportunities that the digital age presents! You might be weighing up your options; should you hire an employee that’s solely dedicated to the job or outsource to a digital marketing agency? It can be difficult to know what to do, which specific digital marketing services do you need and how much should you spend on your efforts. As you’d expect, here at Frogspark we’re a little biased and are here to tell you all the great reasons you should outsource to a digital marketing agency rather than an in-house employee. We’d love to know your thoughts after reading this post.

Experience & Well Rounded Expertise

One of the key benefits you’ll find with hiring a digital marketing agency is the sheer range of experience a digital marketing team can bring to the table. You’ll find experts in all areas of digital marketing from SEO, to Google Display Network, Conversion and App Optimisation. Being able to work with a team with well-rounded expertise means you’ll not only get creative strategies, but a unique solution to every problem, whilst remaining in best practices. With an in-house employee, you’re limited to their expertise and viewpoint alone, meaning whilst they might get results, they don’t necessarily give you a well-rounded perspective and achieve everything that’s possible. Find out how much you know about the basics of digital marketing in our online digital marketing quiz

At Frogspark, we specialise in web design and development, meaning our digital marketing clients benefit from our expertise in this area too. In essence, you get more from your money! You also don’t need to worry about outsourcing to two separate companies, making it much easier going forward. This definitely does come down to choosing the right agency for your business, however, if you need some help, we’ve put together a handy blog post that contains a list of questions you should ask your digital marketing agency. Make sure you check it out!


Another key benefit of outsourcing to a digital marketing agency is the scalability aspect that comes along with it. You might start off paying for 10 hours of digital marketing work a month, but as you see the results come in (and hopefully leads and revenue), you may decide to up your budget to 15 hours and so on. That’s the great thing about going to an agency, you can change your hours depending on what you want doing – without having to commit to hiring a full-time member of staff.

Scalability doesn’t just work for the hours spent on your marketing activity, but the actual aspects of digital marketing being carried out. For example, you might begin with the goal of driving more traffic back to your site organically, therefore focus on the SEO side of things. However, going forward you might decide you want to get involved in paid advertising, using AdWords and Facebook to expand your reach further. The beauty of going with an agency, as discussed above, is the flexibility and experience within their teams to deliver a range of digital marketing activity based on your goals and expectations.

Save On Resources

Have you ever calculated how much it costs to recruit, pay and retain a member of staff? Well, we can tell you, it’s a lot. Not to mention the time implications that come along with this. By outsourcing your digital marketing, you don’t need to worry about any of this. You pay a set amount each month, without having the stress or management responsibilities required to deal with this in-house. You can then spend more time, and money, on what you’re passionate about in your business, and leave the digital marketing to the experts in the field!

Get More Creative

We all know the benefits and inspiration a brainstorming session can bring, and a similar principle can be applied to a digital marketing agency. They combine their skill sets and expertise to come up with bespoke solutions to best meet your marketing goals. This allows your campaigns to get really creative and tap into your target market in the best way possible. Two minds are better than one right?

Gain Access To The Latest Technologies

It’s no surprise that to get the deepest insights, and more innovative campaigns you need to utilize the latest technologies and software in the market. Coming from first-hand experience, these tools can get really expensive! For an agency, where the cost is spread over a number of clients this is generally more cost-effective, but for a sole company, the costs are not justifiable. By going to an agency, you do not only reduce this cost but also get more insightful, creative campaigns and reports; leading to better results going forward. Why not get more for your money?

Industry Trends

We understand that keeping up with the latest news and trends within your own industry can be taxing enough – and that’s no different when it comes to digital marketing. Generally, it’s a team exercise to identify and feedback on what’s new in the industry, so that these ideas can be applied in marketing activity going forward. However, without working in the industry day in day out, it can be difficult to capture all the new trends and apply them within your work. This means that you miss out on some new potential, and this can actually hinder the performance of some of your marketing campaigns.


It’s important that whoever you’re bringing in is efficient in what they’re doing, whether it be an agency or the in-house employee they need to know what they’re doing and how to do this in the most effective way. With someone new in-house they’re going to have to get everything set up which will take a lot of time. Whereas agencies have knowledge on how to accomplish your marketing goals and are already trained and ready to get stuck in. They are results-oriented and at the ready to get on board with your campaign and put the required manpower into your business.

So, to summarise why would you hire a digital marketing agency rather than an in-house employee? You save money, prepare for growth, get more creative solutions and generally put out more successful digital marketing campaigns – after all, one size does not fit all in digital marketing. Need we say more? If you would like to have a chat about your digital marketing and decide what’s best for you, contact our team today

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