Understanding Your Business

Your involvement is crucial at every stage of the process. We will work with you to create a bespoke website that meets every one of your requirements.

You will already have a goal for your business or even multiple goals. The purpose of your website should be to help achieve those goals.

Once we have determined your goals, we need to understand every other aspect of your business including the information your customers need to know, the industry you’re in and who your customers are.

Mapping Your Site

It is at this point we can begin to plan your customer’s journey to conversion and how your website will function.

We will create a visual sitemap that will include all the pages your website demonstrate a basic path that users will take.

Time To Design

With an extensive plan in place, it’s time to start the designing! With a team of fantastic creative minds, designing beautiful bespoke websites is something we excel at.

Your brand will be reflected in every aspect of the design. Need help with the branding of your business? We can help with that too!

You will be sent a first design along with annotation explaining each element of the design. We use a website to display our designs that allows you to give feedback with annotations  This initial design will be changed until you are 100% satisfied.


Once the design has been agreed, it will be passed on to our developers. They will work their coding magic to take your design from a static visual to a fully functioning website with engaging animations and effects.

During the development process, we will be working with you to generate content for the website.

Test Test Test

We will never launch a site without testing its functionality. We do thorough audits on all of our websites before they go live. This includes checking that everything looks and works the way it should on all devices. We also proofread the content and ensure the site is search-engine-ready.


Woo! We’ve launched your brand new site! But we won’t just leave you to your own devices. We can provide you with hosting and all the support you need after launch. Find out more about the extra value we can give your business.