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Our Digital Marketing Experts offer SEO services that are designed to turn your website into a lean mean conversion machine, all using best SEO practices.

Search Engine Optimisation in Derby

We all want that number 1 spot, it’s no different in search engines. As an experienced SEO agency, we know how best to boost your website up the rankings – making you more visible amongst your competitors. With our expertise, your site can reach the next level of performance, helping to grow your business, beat your competitors and develop your brand.

Search Engine Optimisation should be a vital part of any business marketing strategy, for small businesses and larger corporations alike. Without it, you are missing out on a huge proportion of your potential customers. Optimising your site creates the possibility for more traffic, with a higher chance of conversion; which leads towards long term business success.

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SEO Services for Derby

We consider a range of marketing channels to suit your unique needs, and create every strategy to support the marketing needs of our clients. Whether you’re after a comprehensive audit to find additional opportunities and improve website health, want help building your local business profile, need assistance sourcing quality links in your niche, or ecommerce SEO to give your products the attention they deserve, our digital marketing experts will be ready to help.

Ecommerce SEO

SEO for E-Commerce

Optimising one of your pages for search engines is not going to make any difference, every single page needs to be optimised thoroughly - all the way through to individual product pages to drive sales. Frogspark’s Digital marketing team are SEO experts, making sure your whole site is optimised ready for users and search engines to improve your rankings.

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Local SEO

Every business starts small, and local SEO is the way to make sure your business is found by the people around you first. Our digital marketing experts optimise all of your local profiles across any directory you might be listed, making sure everything is up-to-date and accurate, giving your local business the best chance for success.

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International SEO

International SEO

When your business starts to grow, you will start to attract customers from all over the globe. With international SEO your business stands the best chance of beating your competitors, helping you grow your business even further. We provide your business with the opportunity to really make an impression in a competitive marketplace.

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Mobile SEO

The world of digital marketing has seen a huge change recently; mobile devices account for more than half of your website traffic, making mobile optimisation more important than ever. With our help, your mobile site can go above and beyond any expectations your users have, meaning you can secure even more business. If your site isn’t mobile ready you are missing out on a huge number of potential customers. Mobile search is all about wanting information there and then. These “micro-moments” of information are what we optimise your site for.

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SEO Health Check

When you come to us, the first we thing we do is check the health of your site. From this, we can begin to formulate a strategy and put plans in place that will take your digital marketing to the next level. Looking at everything from the technical aspects of your site, all the way through to the analytics of every single page and the user experience.

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New Website SEO Strategy

If your website was developed by Frogspark, you can be safe in the knowledge it will already be technically sound, so we can dive straight in and form a strategy with you giving you a headstart. If you didn’t have a website to begin with, we will form a strategy that means your business gets noticed by search engines as quickly as possible.

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Link Building

As every digital marketer knows, high quality link building is a key part in every single SEO strategy, small and big businesses alike. How do you build high quality links? Outreach. At Frogspark, we use tested processes as part of our outreach strategy. We create high quality backlinks that boost your authority, organic rankings and drive more traffic back to your website.

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Social media frogspark

Keyword Research

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we know that undertaking in-depth detailed keyword research is key in laying the foundations for any successful SEO strategy. Making sure to formulate a priority keyword list that is full of relevant keywords with high traffic volume and search intent is really important in each and every SEO campaign we run.

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Business Websites

Content Analysis

Content is king in the world of SEO, but with Google’s constantly changing algorithms it can be difficult to keep up with best practice. We undertake in-depth content analysis in order to make recommendations to ensure that your content both serves your audience, and is in line with best SEO practice.

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Pay per click frogspark


All our bespoke SEO strategies are ROI driven, so that we can promise not only quick win optimisations, but actions that deliver positive long term results that improve your overall business performance. We’re here to deliver results that deliver tangible financial gains for you and your business.

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Our Approach

SEO is always changing and adapting; it has evolved into a fine practice with a flair of creativity – Something our digital marketing team have got down to a T. Our entire process is centred around you and your business, making sure you are involved with every step we take. You will be kept in the loop throughout the entire time working with us. We know from experience that plans might change, and we are happy to adjust as you see fit.

Data Driven

Everything we do is backed up by the data we collect from your site and from our experience in the field. We strive to get you the results you’re looking for, and more importantly, make sure to maintain results and look for new opportunities and improve even further. Your success is our success.

Long-Term Results

Our team only use best practice SEO, meaning your digital marketing results are sure to last and create a long-term positive impact on your business performance. We are dedicated to achieving results based on accuracy and honesty, and that work towards your business goals. We know what the search engines look for, and we know how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

Unique Strategy

We know that each business is unique, and because of that, we treat you as an individual. We create strategies that are built around your needs and business objectives. Working closely with you, we formulate the best plan and execute throughout each month to make sure the work we do has a long-term positive effect on your business and online visibility.

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