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"Frogspark have provided us with a fantastic business solution that works with our subscription model, and our visibility continues to increase"

Elliot Johnson, CEO Motionmile


Website – The Challenge

Ensuring that the system we were building was sufficient for their requirements was paramount – we needed to map out every function and the dependencies on other systems. This meant that careful planning was key to ensuring a smooth implementation.

We developed the entire back-end system first, creating a platform to build the numerous modules off. Our custom-made content management system allowed admins to utilise powerful editing tools when managing site content – far more than a typical WordPress install could – while the Members section was supported by a robust eCommerce platform utilising Paypal and Stripe as primary payment methods.

After creating the foundations, we worked closely with MotionMile to create a design that would be attractive, intuitive and scalable for their expanding service offering. It was important to create consistency in the overall experience, whilst highlighting the benefits of interacting with the site through an account.

MotionMile tasked us with increasing site engagement, with a focus on harnessing the high-level of existing traffic and improving conversion funnels to capture additional members. Our knowledge of their brand gave us unique data and insights into how to tackle this.

Search Engine Optimisation

We carefully analysed traffic flow, mapping out how users were interacting with MotionMile content, and went straight to work. We realised that the majority of traffic arrived from YouTube, so we worked hard to emulate the same feel and layout of the page for users.

We revamped the content cadence and membership structure of the brand. Videos were not previously visible to search engines, meaning that there was no attributable benefit to the original content from MotionMile. We ensured the videos were being indexed by search engines on their domain, delaying the YouTube upload schedule to guarantee MotionMile would be the primary location of the content. This also meant users began to rely on the website for the new and updated content, not on YouTube.

We also enabled users to view the content directly at all times, regardless of their account status. By allowing users to view content without an account, we were able to provide additional value to site visitors – the call to action was shifted to the downloadable resources as a result. In addition, we unified the payment structure of MotionMile and their sister brand ImageMile, creating further value for paid ‘Premier’ accounts.


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