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Butler & Willow are leading the office and workspace improvements industry, and they needed a website that was built with the same care and attention used in their projects.

The Challenge

Our job was to design and build a website that balanced the two sides of their business; the office refurbishment and more industrial workspace improvements. This meant they could effectively target all areas of their target market and increase their online visibility, with a portfolio that reflected the craftsmanship and design of their refurbishments.

The Design

We designed a site that showcased Butler & Willow’s work in a very visual way, allowing every service they provide to be seen clearly. The nature of Butler & Willow’s work means they have worked with nearly every sector possible, and this is apparent in their portfolio content complete with images from each of their projects.

We built user trust in the website by incorporating testimonials across the site, even linking those from relevant projects and associating them with the logos. This built up a detailed history of their clients. Not only did their site feature past projects, but how they did them; detailing to users how Butler & Willow work and putting cautious minds at ease. Dotted over the site, we included the relevant accreditations to help the brands reputability and sell the services to their users with more confidence.


We produced a great looking website that made a users viewing just as efficient as their refitted workspaces and offices. With an extensive and sleek photo gallery, each of their projects and services are visually represented to make the site look great but also reinforce Butler & Willow’s reputation in the industry as the “go-to” for office design, refurbishment and work space efficiency.

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