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"The innovation provided by Frogspark has allowed Fresh Fitness Food to move to the next level"

Caspar Rose, CEO Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh Fitness Food was set up in 2012 by Jared Williams as a result of ‘passion and frustration’. Jared started the business from the kitchen of his own flat, handling marketing and sales, as well as the production and delivery of all the food.

The Challenge

As the business grew, they became desperately in need of a bespoke solution for their processes and food orders which, at the time, were all manual and very time-consuming.

In order to grow the business further, they needed a strong online presence with a website that would increase traffic and increase conversions.

The system solution

Frogspark’s developers created a system that is hugely beneficial to both the Fresh Fitness Food team and their customers.

Our team built a custom order form which creates bespoke food packages dependent on each customer’s requirements. The form factors in the customer’s height, weight, fitness goal, nutritional preferences and allergies.

We also developed functionality for the customers which enables them to log in and manage their orders. They can modify the food delivery schedule to suit them on a daily basis, choose to pay weekly or upfront, download invoices, make changes to their packages, reorder and view how much credit they have in their account.

Scrapping manual labour and saving paper

With the new CRM system, the Fresh Fitness Food team can manage customers accounts with the ability to make notes, view orders and make changes to users’ packages.

Every team within the business benefited, right the way through to the chefs in the kitchen and the delivery drivers. Now, all information needed to create customers’ meal plans can be downloaded and sent to the kitchens, saving time and resources.

The Fresh Fitness Food team can now concentrate their efforts on business growth instead of managing books.

Driving sales

In the last 2 months alone (Jan – March 2017), we have seen a 50% increase in food orders compared to the previous 2 months. That’s 441 orders in the last 2 months and that figure will keep on rising due to a cleverly designed site optimised for conversions.

Ongoing support

Our developers continue to work with the FFF team closely to ensure the system is always being improved and to add new features as their business continues to grow and adapt to different markets.


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