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"The website launched looks fantastic. The shop is much easier to manage and is already generating more sales than before!"

Richard Baker, Managing Director


Hopi Place started out as a small online retailer that relied on platforms like Amazon and Ebay to distribute their ear candles, who of course took a cut out of any profits Hopi Candles made. Once they had made a name for themselves, they decided it was time to cut ties with the fees and start driving business from their website, and that is where Frogspark came in.

The design

Because of their focus on healthy lifestyles and activity the colour scheme we chose had to reflect both of these aspects. We ended up primarily working with greens and yellows to show connote the activity coupled with a healthy lifestyle. We used the images as a foundation for the design, since they were provided by cycle derby.



Like all of our sites, it was optimised not just for mobile use but conversions on mobile, streamlining the user journey to guide them through the conversion funnel and purchase from Hopi Place. One of the areas we decided to focus on most was the checkout pages and the subsequent process a user experiences when making a purchase. As part of this we made every aspect of the site as usable from a customer’s point of view as possible on top of ensuring the site is secure for the user to use and make payments through.

From a business management perspective we incorporated shopping platform Woocommerce into the website to give Hopi Place full control and visibility over their stock, special offers and allow returning customers to create accounts to make their shopping even easier.

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