Kitchen Fit Sandiacre

Digital Marketing Campaign

"Frogspark has helped Kitchen Fit Sandiacre bring in extra website traffic and more importantly, doubled our enquiries"

Graham Doig, Marketing Manager Kitchen Fit Sandiacre

The Website

Kitchen Fit Sandiacre needed a responsive website that would grow their business and raise awareness and understanding of the great services they provide.

Their old website was outdated, unresponsive to different devices and difficult to navigate. It was also extremely large which was resulting in a variety of technical problems including bad load speed.

We worked with the team at Kitchen Fit Sandiacre to simplify their website and ensure users could find the information they were looking for easily and quickly. With more and more prospective customers visiting their website on smart devices, we made it our number one priority to ensure these users were going to have a positive experience.


Increase in Website traffic


Increase from organic search


Increase in website enquiries

Website Optimisation

Kitchen Fit Sandiacre used to generate most of their business from word of mouth, now, a significant amount of their business comes from their online presence. A much bigger audience means a much bigger potential for sales and leads.

We are continually making improvements to optimise the Kitchen Fit Sandiacre website by monitoring the way people use and interact with the site and keeping it updated with the content their customers want to see. In October and November 2016, Kitchen Fit Sandiacre received 17 enquiry forms. In February and March 2017 we have doubled that figure.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising Kitchen Fit Sandiacre’s website for users also optimised it for search engines, which has helped them achieve a 31% increase in organic traffic, and is now 70% of the overall traffic on the site. With the increased organic traffic, came a deepened trust from the users and a greater interest in Kitchen Fit Sandiacre and their services.

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