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"The site produced works great for our needs, the focus on imagery and presenting our adventures really brings the experience to life"

Outlook Explore


Outlook Explore needed a site that reflected their unique service – exciting journeys to far-off lands. A positive user experience was key in our design brief, as there was a great deal of information to deliver and it needed to cater to all devices.

The Challenge

We wanted to represent the culture and individuality of Outlook Explore’s numerous destinations through the website, giving imagery a prominent place to show the experience users could expect. We ensured that the flow of the page was intuitive and cohesive at all times, and that users were acutely aware of navigation opportunities throughout.

Clever use of parallax effects enabled us to segment pages into multiple sections that were linked through the background imagery. Furthermore, the open and clean layout ensured focus would be on the content itself and that internal links were easily recognisable.

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