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"The design and functionality of the new website is exactly what we wanted, safe to say it's left us with a big smile on our faces!"

Remarkable Smiles offer a variety of plans & packages that are re-defining what it means to go to the dentist, from standard teeth whitening and orthodontics to smoker’s makeovers and advanced wedding packages for the whole wedding party. With teeth so well looked after, you’ll have a reason to smile. 

The design

With an ambition to redefine what it means to go the dentist, Remarkable Smiles needed a website to reflect their new and improved attitude towards dentistry. We used primarily dark tones on the top of the website, to challenge the stereotype of a white, sterile and hostile environment. We coupled these dark tones with contrasting bright splashes to elevate the mood and feel of the website, and to bring the website into the modern age of design making it feel more welcoming and friendly.


Subtle imagery is a key focus point throughout the site, the genuine smiles dotted throughout the website gives the audience a sense of trust. The Bold rounded text adds a friendly feel to the feel of the website, so even those with a deep fear of the dentist can feel safe and reassured on the website. This coupled with the open and honest information about all of the treatments, plans and packages leaves nothing to the imagination, just simple dentistry.

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