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"The website looks fantastic and now provides my customers with an easier way to make bookings!"

Clare Major, Managing Director

Seasoned Courses offer a variety of different cooking courses and classes to help people become more creative and confident in the kitchen. With a host of skilled celebrity chefs tutoring their customers, they teach a range of cuisines and skills alongside team building services and kitchen hire.

The design

Cooking is very desirable skill, and one that requires care and an element of precision. These were the elements we wanted to promote in the design. Keeping every element crisp and sharp, but with small hand-crafted touches that soften the harsh impact of the straight edges.


One of the first features users encounter, is the drop down search fields that allow the user to find the course they want, quickly and easily without having to type. Each option means users can find courses specific to one filter all the way down to finding one very specific course depending on their requirements.

We also incorporated a custom management filter that doesn’t allow any more than 12 people to register for a single course. Not only was this part of the front end, but also the back end, granting Seasoned Courses the ability to send custom emails to very select people depending on the course they are attending. Alongside this, Seasoned Courses can also see and export any nutritional information about the people signed up for each cause ready to adjust the course if necessary.

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