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"Frogspark have been fab, they really understand my brand and what my website visitors want to see"

Zanna Van Dijk

With a combined total follower count of 1 million, Zanna needed a platform that matched her perfectly. As a celebrity health and fitness blogger, Zanna’s huge following required a robust and easy to use site that showcased what makes her brand so unique. 

The Challenge

Zanna started her path to social media stardom in 2014 after graduating by documenting her journey to a healthier lifestyle. After generating a healthy following via social channels, Zanna reached out to us for a website that could harness her popularity and amplify that in a central online location.

The Design

We designed her first website over two years ago, working closely with Zanna to ensure it provided a superb user experience and could be the hub for all her social activity on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and more. Ensuring we had ample social integration was a key part of our process.

The design was briefed to be clean, light and accessible – we wanted the content to speak volumes about her journey, not distract from it. The backend was streamlined to make management as easy as possible, allowing Zanna to fit it into her busy schedule, and we’ve remained a key support partner for years.

With an ever-growing fanbase, Zanna reached out to us for a fresh new design that would accommodate her expanding catalogue. The new design builds off of the success of the old site and brings in plenty of fresh new ideas to enhance the user experience.


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