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SaaSAge are a Manchester based IT support and services company, offering exceptional service with a client first approach – something that shapes their whole business. Their customer centric approach is what has earned them their status of Best Managed IT Service provider in the region.  

The Challenge

SaaSAge came to Frogspark with one core goal in mind, raise awareness of themselves as the leading IT support and services company in and around the Manchester area. We needed to craft a site that showed them as a real authority figure within their industry, using a number of tools such a reviews and testimonials in order to do this. Understanding and responding to customer’s questions and queries is key in an IT support situation, so thinking of how best to incorporate this into the website was a big part of the challenge.

The Design

In order to raise awareness of SaaSAge, it was important for us to come up with a design that was fully on brand, whilst also creating a site that was clean and modern to showcase them as an innovative player within the IT industry. In line with this, ensuring the website looked great, and functioned brilliantly across all devices.

A big part of the project was putting considerable time into the structure of the site, so that users could easily get to where they wanted to be. In every project we do, we like to create a very thorough and logical user journey, and this was no different for SaaSAge. We made sure users would easily understand where to navigate on pages, and knew where to navigate to, to find the information they were looking for.


In line with our work on user journey, we looked to create different user entries rather than the standard service pages. On the homepage, we have some of the most commonly expressed concerns for SaaSAge’s target market, such as ‘I’m concerned about my Data Security’ which would then link to the relevant service page. In doing this, the user feels their needs are fully understood, and problem can be solved. Doing this was key to helping SaaSAge appear as the ‘go to’ in their industry.

In order to appeal to users further, we looked to break through the jargon that the IT support industry is renowned for. Instead, we made the content easier to understand for website users, without compromising their professionalism and expertise.

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"The new website is exactly what we needed. This takes us above and beyond competitors in the local area, we're really pleased!"

Andrew Sanderson, AKS Residential

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