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The client

Vario Hearables offer a range of earplug devices which tune out noise and help you focus on the sounds that matter. Their innovative earplug products are designed for a range of different uses, including music concerts, motorsports, industrial settings, the military and shooting, to name a few – and it’s flexible system allows you to change between modules and functionality to decide what you want to hear. They are custom-made using impressions taken by an audiologist and are colour customisable with a choice of silicone colours.

The challenge

Creating the perfect e-commerce site for a client is always a challenge, as it needs to accurately showcase their brand and their products in such an influential way that a user wants to make a purchase. With Vario Hearables, the biggest challenge was educating users about the different uses for each product and giving customers the ability to see the thousands of different colour combinations with a 3 tier configurator, generating a completely bespoke product.

The strategy

Our aim was to create a website which features some cool tech features, to sit in line with the products offered. We built a product configurator which allows customers to try multiple different colour combinations, so they can personalise and view the product before ordering. We also created a special ordering system for Vario’s wholesalers, to configure products for their customers. Additionally, we incorporated a filtering structure to the products pages, which allows visitors to filter products by category, price range, and use.

The result

The website we produced with Vario achieved everything we set out to do. They now have a fully-functioning responsive website what represents them as a business. The user journey as proved to be a success, with more and more visitors coming to the Vario website and converting into customers.

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